Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Release The Kino Characters

How to release the Kino Der Toten characters from the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops Call Of The Dead zombies map.

1) Find the fuse, it's near the PhD Flopper on a desk or in the locker.  Get it and go back to the door and insert it on the wall on the right.
2) Nikolai should accidentally activate the MDT system and the Kino peeps should have light now. Destroy the four generators, they have four glowing red orbs on them. Use explosives.
3) Nikolai should now ask for vodka. Outside near the PhD Flopper, or on the half of the ship near the spawn, there is a bottle of "vodka" attached to a railing with ice. One of you has to knife it while the other picks it up. Like the film reels in Kino. Deliver to Vodka to them using the eartube, the thing on the left of the door.
4) Richtofen should ask you to find a "long, stiff, golden rod". The Golden Rod is behind a wall in the cave at the spawn near the beginning. Shoot the wall that looks like a pile of rubble with the upgraded Ray Gun or V-R11.

After all this the crew teleports to Paradise, and you unlock the "Ensemble Cast" achievement, or "Stand-In" if it's single player.

Sometime there's a glitch where the vodka won't show up.

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