Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where do I even begin? Well, let me start by saying I've never played Melee. Not once. I've barely even seen videos of it. So the last dose of Super Smash Bros. was way back on the N64. So you could say I've been kinda deprived. I'd read about Brawl, I'd watch the videos, I got so excited. Then it finally gets released, after delays among delays. I saw it in Wal-Mart and shit myself. "Dudde, Brawl. Look at it.." I'd touch the glass. "It's sexy." But lo, I had no Wii. So I went about my day, stole what I went to steal, and left. Fast forward almost two years later, and what do I get for Christmas? A mofucking Wii. So of course, Brawl is on the first to get list. And let me just say, I will never regret getting this game. Ever.

Graphics: 8/10
Now, I'm no expert on the quality of graphics in Wii games, as I've only played a few. But amongst the few I've seen, this game is pretty standout. The detail in the character models is exquisite. The stages are fucking amazing as well. I'll never get tired of playing on Hanenbow,  [from Electroplankton] it's simply gorgeous. The detail in some of the attacks and final smashes are pretty ripe, too. Use Ganondorf's Final Smash, press pause and enjoy. 

Gameplay: 7/10
So, like I said. I haven't played Smash Bros. since way back on N64. So I didn't really know what to expect. I somewhat expected Smash Bros., redefined, even more perfect that it already was. [Does that even make sense?]  I expected more moves, refined blocking and rolling, better looking throws, more characters, more stages, more of everything that made me love the first one. Well.. I was right, technically. I got everything I expected. But what I didn't expect is what I didn't like. Physics are insanely different, like to an extent that's almost ridiculous. Pikachu was my main in the original, he was ridiculous fast and powerful. A few good combos and a thunder attack used to equal a KO. Now it's nothing. From what I can tell, most of the other characters were ridiculously nerfed or ridiculously buffed. Can't really say for sure though, other than the original characters. The most glaringly obvious flaw in the gameplay however, I found out within the first five minutes of playing. I'm using Ike, playing against Fox on Final Destination. I double tap forward so as to run, and all of a sudden. Ike trips. W. T. F. This only becomes increasingly annoying the more you play. I don't understand who, how, why, or when anyone EVER would ever possibly think. "Ya know what, let's make the characters trip at complete fucking random. That'd would make this game supremely awesome." "FUCK YEAR YOU NEED A RAISE" Only it's all said in Moonspeak, because it's Nintendo. It's the worst. The AI is suprisingly cheap as well. My Lucario versus the CPU's Kirby. I grab a Dragoon part, one normal attack and I lose it. They pick it up. SIX FUCKING SMASH ATTACKS IN A ROW, and this bitch still holds onto it. It's whatever, only makes it harder, therefore more challenging, in the long run. The different modes are also pretty fun. Stage Building, Home Run challenge, All Star Mode, Boss Battle Mode. Online play could be a lot better, servers would've been nice instead of P2P. Button lag is pretty horrible and I'm on Verizon FiOs. Everything else is  pretty top notch. Everything else is pretty much spot on. It's still a Smash game and it's still amazing. Nuff said.

Story: x/x
I played through Subspace Emissary and didn't sit through any of the cutscenes. So nothing to say here.
My bad.

Music: 10/10
In all honesty, the soundtrack is flawless here. With shit tons of music to unlock, it never gets old. I particularly like being able to pick which track I want to play on the stages I create. Even though I almost always pick a Pokemon one. :3

Extras: 10/10
Unlockable characters, stages, trophies, videos, virtual console trials, music, stickers. There's so much content in this game it is ridiculous. I refuse to stop playing this game until I unlock absolutely everything I can. Even then I probably will keep on keeping on.

Overall: 8.75/10

I highly recommend this game to fans of Nintendo, Smash Brothers, The Wii.. hell, video games in general. If you like video games then go get this game. That is all.

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